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holl ow metal door frame in stock

<!--StartFragment--><table><tbody><tr><td>Supply Pressed Metal Custom door frame as per customers on site requests applying a coat of steel primer after pre-treatment of the surface.<br>Galvanised steel sheets 0.8 mm thick, assembled without<br>welding<br>Galvanised steel stiffeners<br>Rock wool insulation, 145 kg/m3 density<br>Steel hinges, 3 mm thick, welded to the frame, fixed onto the<br>leaf with M6x16 zinc plated screws<br>Hexagonal steel anti-lever rivet, 14 x 36 mm, zinc plated<br>Fire resistant reversible inlay lock, protected by two MO Stucal<br>boards<br>Synthesised steel latch<br>Brass cylinder locks, 40 x 40 with 3 keys<br>Non-stick handle, certified in accordance with standard DIN<br>18273<br>Steel core, covered by fusion, metal shields covered with nylon<br>and bolts and screws<br>Shutter thickness 51 mm<br>Standard Frame <br>•Pre-finished on-site<br>•Rapid installation<br>•Powder coated finishes<br>•Simpler fixing options<br>•Retro-installation<br>•Stainless Steel option<br>Applications<br>» Schools and Education Facilities » Leisure and Sports Centres » External » Laboratories and Clean Rooms » Swimming Pools » Hospitals and Secure Units » Airports » Commercial and Public Buildings » Retail<br>Recommended Usage<br>•Galvanized steel is recommended where atmospheric conditions require extra protection.<br>•Type 304 stainless steel is recommended for areas where corrosive materials are present in the atmosphere.<br>Reinforcements<br>•Hinge reinforcement 7-gauge, 12" long.<br>•Strike reinforcement 16-gauge with 11-gauge thread depth.<br>•Closer reinforcement 12-gauge, 18" long.<br>•Frames shall be suitably reinforced for closers, brackets and all other surface applied hardware.<br>•Drilling and tapping of surface hardware to be done in the field by the erector.<br>Finish<br>•Frames shall be thoroughly cleaned after assembly, filled when necessary to ensure a smooth finish, and given a prime coat of rust inhibiting primer paint. The primer shall be air dried. Stainless steel frames are not prime painted.<br>Hinge Backset<br>•5/16" standard.<br>•Other backsets available.<br>Backbend<br>•1/2" standard 14, 16 and 18-gage<br>•3/4"standard 10 and 12-gage<br>•Other backbends available.<br>Double Rabbet<br>•Equal Rabbet is standard.<br>•Unequal is available.<br>Central Fireproof, one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers of a variety of fire doors in China, now brings you high quality supply pressed metal custom door frame as per customers on site requests applying a coat of steel primer after pre-treatment of the surface coming from our professional factory. With many products in stock, we warmly welcome you to buy our doors with excellent design and which is easy to be assembled and disassembled, or get our customized service.holl ow metal door frame in stock<br>website:http://www.central-firedoor.com/door-frames/</td></tr></tbody></table>


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